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Now that you launched an app for a smartphone platform, you should be getting hundreds of downloads a day right?  If you're like most smartphone app developers, you probably spent a lot of time developing a cool app but not receiving the downloads you expected.  What good is it having a great app if no one is aware of it?   With over 200,000 combined apps available in Apple iTunes, Blackberry App World, ANDROID Market, Palm Software Store, and Windows apps, how do you let customers know about your app and increase your downloads?

BIGEyes Marketing has the ideal marketing solution for you: The App Starter Package.  This is a turnkey business package that focuses on DESIGN, MARKETING, and ADVERTISING strategies to drive more app downloads.  Simply place your order and we take care of the rest!  We guarantee hundreds of visitors to your new smartphone app webpage which translates into MORE app downloads!

The App Starter Package consists of the following, all for ONLY $499.  Click here to Buy Now.

1 x Custom App Webpage - DESIGN!

Our research indicates that customers prefer a simple 1 page website rather than multiple pages within a website to learn about an app and its key features. A clear and concise webpage (vs. a complex website) multiplies the entire app's business value, so having a clear message and intuitive interface is well worth the investment.

» View an example a single app webpage.

» View an example a single app webpage.

1 x Detailed Video/Editorial App Review - MARKET!

We've noticed that many iPhone users are becoming more savvy and instead of buying apps out of impulse, they will first check out several smartphone app review sites to determine if the app is worth the money. We've partnered with industry leading app review sites to provide you with a detailed video or editorial review (you choose) of your app and rate it accordingly. On average, a featured review from our partners receives over 5,000 views in the first 24 hours.

» View an example of an editorial review.

» View an example of a video ad review.

» View an example of a video editorial review.

» View the TopAppReviewSites. 

100 x Guaranteed Hits - ADVERTISE!

Pay a low monthly fee (1st month fee included in package) and BIGEyes Marketing will guarantee you a fixed number of visits to your new iPhone App website. Our marketing professionals will analyze your website, determine the best advertising strategy and take care of the Google AdWords advertising for you - you don't have to worry about a thing.

» If the number of visits (monthly clicks) is not achieved, the remainder will be carried to the next month.

» We guarantee up to 800 hits a month. Not a single click is wasted!

In addition to your guaranteed hits, a focused app webpage and video app review can be used in many ways to drive more downloads.  Together, they will drive significant more downloads per day.  Beyond the marketing and advertising that you will receive from being included on our partner websites, you can also use your new site and app video for email distribution, press releases, social networking, and much more.  The turnkey package increases the awareness of your app. 

Make the most of your iPhone app and attract customers to your new iPhone custom webpage with the BIGEyes Marketing iPhone App Starter Package for only $499 (no hidden fees).  Kickstart your app and increase your downloads now!  Click here to Buy Now.

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